Abba= God as father                          We just want you to not loose hope. To believe. To have Faith!  <3 We are living testimony that it will be ok. It will get better. Hold on to God's promises and He will give you the strength you need. You are loved. You are forgiven. You are redeemed. You are chosen. You are blessed!              Thank you for being here!

The Abba Shop is an inspirational brand with one goal in mind; to spread love, faith and positivity. Each motivational quote will spark positive energy to empower you to take on the day. Our mugs and custom made products are created to make you feel good about yourself and inspire others to do the same through the word of God.
Thank You so Much for Being Here!!!

Your purchase makes a difference!10% of profits supports our efforts to send gently used and new clothes, toys and school supplies to Afro and Indian descending communities in Latin America that are force to live in poverty because of armed conflict. Thank you!

The Abba Shop
Phil. 4;13